You need application builder?

Use Alstrapp CMS - it's like WordPress, but for mobile apps

Easy control

To create Android and iOS mobile easy - intuitive interface and documentation

Open source

Make any changes to the code, add functionality, create your own design

Design templates

7 color schemes for Android and iOS already ready for use in your application

All customers here

Registration and authorization system is available in the application.
    • Your users can register in the application - all contact information is available in the Alstrapp control panel
    • Create user groups and limit application content for each created group.. For example, you can create a VIP group and group for all other customers.
    • Set the level of access to specific content, for example, for unregistered users.

Create and manage newsletters

Inform your users about promotions, discounts and other important events.
    • Alstrappintegrated with the service OneSignal - send PUSH notifications to your customers on platforms Android and iOS
    • Alert notifications are available for all platforms - informational messages that appear immediately after launching applications.
    • Add images and icon to your push notifications - it attracts the user's attention
      * PUSH Images are only available for Android

Add and edit content

Add news, articles, tables, photo galleries - any HTML layout
    • Create content categories for all users or for specific groups. Use a visual or HTML editor.
    • Add and update content pages - text, images, tables. Create a shared and personalized app navigation.
    • Choose post display design for each individual category. - 3 template types already built in Alstrapp

100% open source

Created with love by developers for developers

Framework Codeigniter

Alstrapp developed on the Codeigniter. It is well documented and you can easily make changes.

Bootstrap / Frameverk 7

For the layout of the Alstrapp interface, we used the latest version Bootstrap, and for the application interface - Frameverk 7 JS

Clean code

We tried to simplify the work with the code and made the necessary comments in the source code. You will be pleased to work with him


At the moment we do not offer support due to the low cost of the system and the lack of necessary resources. But that will change soon - give us some time!

Communicate with customers

Be online with users - create forms or chat
    • All users have access to instant messages for the administror - solve issues with customers quickly and modernly in chat
    • Create forms - order forms, feedback forms, service quality assessment, polls and more
    • Enabled comments for content and track the reactions of your users. You can reply to any comment.ь
    • Track application launch statistics - Alstrapp keeps records of all users

All tools for successful application build

API PhoneGap for build .apk and .iso files

API OneSignal for PUSH notifications

App icons uploader

Branded loading screen

Email notifications for administrator

Preview application

Minimum system requirements

This is just the beginning!

Alstrapp - project with big plans and a small team.