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Regular license

    • 1 of end products
    • Unlimited Applications Created
    • Prohibited use in multi-user projects

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Extended license

    • 1 of end products
    • Unlimited Applications Created
    • Allowed use in multi-user projects

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Popular pre-sale questions

What you need to used Alstrapp?

Alstrapp - not classic online application builder. This is full CMS system for creating and managing applications. Using Alstrapp like using WordPress: Download Alstrapp from our website and install on your domain and hosting.Instructions for installing and configuring you can find in Documentation

For how many applications can I use one license?

You can use one Alstrapp license to create an unlimited number of applications. One license can only be installed on one domain. For each new domain you need to buy a new license.

Is the purchase a one-time purchase? Monthly, annual, etc. no payments?

Yes, the payment for the license is one-time. You pay the license fee once and can use it for an unlimited time for an unlimited number of applications. When you buy a license, you get a lifetime right to upgrade Alstrapp.

How easy is it to use Alstrapp? I can handle?

To create an application you do not need programming knowledge. This is no more difficult than blogging on WordPress. Our Documentation helps you install and configure the system correctly. If something does not work out - contact us and we will help you.

What is the difference between a regular license and an extended license?

In most cases, a Regular license is suitable for creating your own application.If you plan to create a multi-user application on the basis of Alstrapp code and provide, for example, SAAS services, you will need an extended license. The functionality in both cases is identical.

I can make changes to the code?

Of course! We provide 100% open source. You can make any changes to the code and functionality for yourself or for your client. The only thing we prohibit is the sublicensing of Alstrapp. You may not resell the license or parts of the code.

I need the development of new functionality. Will you help?

We plan to add new features as part of the free update. Contact us and tell about your ideas. Development of unique modules and templates is possible only for an additional fee. But please note that due to the tight schedule, we can refuse such services.

Can I download the demo version?

No. You can test online demo on our website. We do not provide trial versions with a free period.

Have questions?

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